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  1. to answer your rep: nope!
  2. oy I know! why do people do crap like that! they asked if I wanted to replace it with anything or just get a refund and I chose refund....they did give me a code for free shipping should I decide to place an order...let me know if you want it
  3. Hmmm, I was wondering -- good at least you didn't order it and 3 weeks later discover they won't ship it and further, won't give you your money back....
  4. dang it! they don't have it....I wanted to be bitchy and be like, maybe you should remove it from your store listings? but I didn't
  5. I placed an order! I will let you know if it arrives okie dokie....I hope it does b/c that's some good stuff!
  6. oh man I loved dietex! actually, I haven't tried a fat burner from VPX that I didn't enjoy! I'm a stim junkie

    I wanna find more items with gymdiva written on them this year...that was too funny to find that stuff last year...they gave me a discount b/c of my business card
  7. LOL .. I've been throwing in Hoodia w/ my daily supps & it seems to work for me. I haven't had any cravings in sooo long. I can't find VPX Dietex anymore, but just whatever brand Hoodia seems to be doing something.... I gotta watch the buying stuff at the Arnold this year. I've got so many gym outfits I bought, then either can't fit in them or they go out of style by the time I can... Go figure.... But when you see the deals GRAB! I wish I could carry home more Protan on the plane...
  8. I know!!! so excited!!! I think all of us are going to be around that booth all day, every day! hahahaha...I wanna see if I can save up some money and get some goodies "on sale" while I'm more lipolyze!

    oh and egg whites...sounds odd I know but man, I used to get up and eat me a cup of liquid egg whites with a piece of ff swiss and 1/2c black of my most favorite first meals ever!
  9. I'll be seeing YOU at the Arnold! I guess I just need to go find the Species booth LOL!
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