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  1. LOL... hey hun, thanks, I hope this year will be a great one forya.
    I heard the radio show last week, and I have a feeling many great thins will come your way in this New year. Looking forward to seeing you at the Arnolds.
    I been busy with work, etc, so I haven't been on the boards much
  2. HAPPY NEW YEARS stranger!! Hope all is well with you my friend...Just checking up on you as I havent heard from you in a minute...Stay focused on your [email protected] I see you at the ARNOLD!! Dont run over to my page an show me no LOVE NOW EITHER!! LOL....You on a knock-off...haha
  3. [B]Likewise Chica...Definetely keep me posted on that big day...NITE[/B]
  4. ;-)
    thanks for all the support, and I am glad you enjoyed the w.e
    stay in touch hun, have a great night
  5. [B]Lol...Its all good..I held my head up high..I might not have Won on stage but I definetely WON OFF-STAGE that weekend...Have no regrets or complaints..But THANK YOU for the support...Was a lovely weekend...Lookn forward to your day view on the PRO STAGE..You know I got your back..Get your eat on girlie an talk soon..[/B]
  6. I know, but... you did much well than many others that were expecting to top it up there.. No matter what happened, you should enjoy the victory. Remember it's not how you did there, is what you did to get there that makes you a winner.. And you deft made incrediible improvements.
    Ahh.. the off season look.. you as well as my familly is missing it.. lol
  7. [B]well well to hear from you love...THANK YOU for the kind words..Unfortunately things didnt go as well as they should have but whats new...HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you an your family...Be safe an eat sweety...You had a great year an you know BSA likes that OFF-SEASON look on you..wink...*BIG HUGS[/B]
  8. Hey sweetie,
    I wanted to congratulate you on your placing at nationals.
    I look forward to seeing you do BIG things in 2010.. Happy Thanksgiving.xoxo
  9. HEY HUN,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I wished I had the energy to party, but not really.. lol
    Hope all is well with you.. Stay in touch hun.. xo
  10. [B]Hey HUN...CONGRATS to the IFBB...Couldnt make it 2nite to cheer you on a give you a hug but ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST...Your now be competing for a pay check...Go party like a ROCK STAR TONITE..U deserve it...BEST OF LUCK AT THE NEXT LEVEL..HUGS
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