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  1. I'll see what my schedule looks like and decide from there, it looks like I might have to do 5/3/1 though
  2. I'm actually leaning towards doing a spring show next year. I like dieting in the spring for some reason...easier to tolerate. Paramedic school huh....congrats, and get on 5/3/ will help.
  3. Good to hear that you will be doing Byron's meet, I know how you feel with the classes, I should be starting paramedic school in the fall, that should really eat into my training time.
  4. UPA IL state meet in batavia. Looks to be a good time, then I roll right into pre contest for the NPC Ironman. But thats tentative, I'll have five classes in the fall, so I'll play it by ear
  5. That would be a good total for a raw meet, do you have a meet coming up?
  6. Over 400 lb bench in competition mainly. Trying to get as close as possible to 1500 raw.
  7. What are you looking at for your next meet?
  8. I'm People enjoyed it, so thats the main thing.
  9. It didn't take MD long to edit that part out, Sallyanne posted a good screen shot of your reaction though.
  10. Thanks bro, I was like
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