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  1. Np, hope you got spoiled
  2. Thank you for the Birthday wishes, sorry I'm just now getting to it. I don't visit my page as often as I should. Hope your having a great week.
  3. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have a great day.
  4. Thanx for the compliment
  5. great new photos you've posted. You both look fit.
  6. My Husband is my Trainer, he pushes me, makes me go harder than I want to on my down days. He keeps me on track with my diet and does all of my contest prep. Even backstage. I would be lost without him. I know how to get someone else ready but it is very hard to do it alone for yourself even when you know what to do.
  7. Yeah, you should post them for everyone to see your hard work. Is your husband your trainer or did you do train on your own?
  8. Thank you for the compliment, I haven't even ordered any pix from 3 of my 4 shows from the 2009 season. I need to get on the ball, so I can add them to my profile. By the time I won my 4th show, the Florida State heavyweight class, I was stupid shredded, for me anyway. lol
  9. Thanks for the friend add. Your pics are amazing, especially the stage photos.
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