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  1. oh taking 6ius of gh too.
  2. Just started the lantus last sunday. The shit is awesome and way safer then fast acting slin.
  3. Yes contemplating doing one this year. I have put on a very lean 38lbs. I did the prep for mid-illinois natural until the last two weeks. I am taking lantus, sust 250, parabolon, abombs, and just threw in suspension ED. Its been four weeks and the results are crazy.
  4. It's goin real good right now bro, thanks... Strength is better than it was before surgery, and I've recovered real well... How bout with you?? I'm for sure doing the midwest ironman in november, maybe one other show around that time... you just puttin on size and competin next yr, right?
  5. Hows the training going post op?
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