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    great frenglish reading for ya ,, if like th ugl subject ,, of course
  2. [url][/url]
  3. We are going to try and move back into that direction as the contest season ends.
  4. no your th men !!! miss offtopic i fell we are walking apart ... me it was after contest i slightly struggle 6 week adrenal fatigue, im now a fucking animal
  5. great diet men,, u look awesome !!!!
  6. [url][/url]
  7. Looking very good Bro... Your back is SICK. Big improvements this year!
  8. [url][/url]
  9. Show tomorrow at 9pm EST... Call me in the AM!
  10. sure men i live a heck of a year lol n finally well nail keto n contest prep

    thk u
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