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  1. Hey Kevin;

    Ok, you are taking time for your mom/family...much respect! IT WILL ALL WORK OUTFOR THE BEST...TRUST ME...REMEMBER MY DAD'S STORY...

    You and your famliy are still in my prayers....

    Any way I was hoping to be on stage with you...we will both be there in our best in 2012!

    Where do you live, state/town?

    Do you attend any shows to watch-judge?

    Went to orthopod's today...not the best news...rom is still hard for me, worst case - another surgery to release tendons. I HAVE 3-4 WEEKS TO GET TO 90-110 DEGREES...So I bought a used (brand new cond) recb. bike for the house to do 3-5 times a day for my short arc quads and they orderd a dyno-splint to helo me with more flexion...don't plan on giving up...
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