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  1. Great threads, Christian. Glad you're here.
  2. Thanks for the reps dear bro (no homo). I won't be on like before, but from time to time.
  3. I must meet you one day. I love ya. (no homo, it's brolove).
  4. Wait... ĦEl silencio, cabeza de Calabaza, [B]el Silencio![/B]

    Nasser has always seemed to be overly freaking negative, though.
  5. Silence, Pumpkinhead! [B]SILENCE![/B]

    (ducks, runs, hides)
  6. You're such a good friend. Thanks for the great advice. I do care about you a great deal.
  7. [B][url][/url][/B]

    Happy [I]One Thousand[/I], good sir!
  8. Cool thread, bruh.

  9. Congratulations to Mike! [I]Join the party @ [/I]
  10. Aaron Singerman hit 15,000 posts! [B]w00t!!![/B] [B][url][/url][/B]
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