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  1. haha for sure bro.. on prami too just in case anything from progestin.. I love aromasin.

    You are def right though.. the first few days I was on legit letro, I felt horrible ha.. I am use to it now and will run it until my show then go back to aromasin probably for offseason.

    I had it from puberty and it actually got a lot better when I started using stuff ha. Hopefully after this letro run it will be gone forever.

    Our thread was great.. I never had a real problem with you lol, I was being a dick and we both snapped ha. Was a good time.

    Good luck with your show bro!
  2. on iron ,, blog ,, Edit: read through the original thread and lol @ anyone defending his 4 year old writing style. I could write a better paragraph in French and I don't know a single word. Dude embarrassed himself but he might get a letter back; Ray might think he's a special needs kid.

    Also, anyone else think blp's midsection is disgusting? He's got the "situation" thing goin on

    LOL ,, my waist is fine ,, grammar do suck ,,

    that thread what th funniest time i had on interweb ,,
  3. letro is th way ,,, hard on joint after 4 weeks , i keep for last 4 weeks , you can even jump at 5mg for short time, will try prami + aromasin + letro lol anw fuck it ,, once provicial done goin surgery ,,, alex prep a big canadian guy also for southern alberta ,,
    he' really happy

    will folow your blog
  4. yea bro it pretty much doesnt even appear at all, even when flat... used pharm grade letro and was gone fully in a couple days. It sucks because I hold fat there too.
  5. Gyno is gone ! Lucky , hope that happen to me
  6. these are pics from this monday:

    here is my blog:
  7. where is your contest blog ?
  8. If do everything right , n it could b costly , you don't loose strenght even at a week from stage , like u proove yourself , lost 20 pounds water n push same
  9. Thanks! I will hopefully. I wish I would have gotten more lifting videos in the offseason.
  10. leaner you are , post more vids !!!
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