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  1. ya its just internetz no worries man
  2. Yea sports like that and bodybuilding are not easy to advance in both, good luck to you bro. No hard feelings.
  3. ya i hurt my back from too much of a bounce no the tap and go as well. I do brazilian jiu jitsu, Gi and no-gi.
    if i have the money im doing tourneys the next few months if work doesnt pic up im only going to do the world tournament.
    my goals basic its a combat sport is to have the best strength to weight ratio possible. so i do alot of low rep stuff. and like ring dips, muscle ups. weighted chins and pull ups etc....
    Hard to lift heavy though with all the training get the joints really sore. being considering cycling but like i said i wouldnt have the cash to eat enough. if i do go up in weight i might though cause then i could just compete say twice a year at big tourneys and smaller cheaper ones here and there.
    right now i do the class 162.5-175. I come in at 174 anything more than 175 even .1 ur disqualified. so its tricky. next class up is 175.5-190 thats my goal is lean 185-190 like sub 10% hard for me to have great cardio though at that weight
  4. Just tap and go with the deadlifts, i guess a lil bounce, i've already learned my lesson with bouncing too hard though, got 2 herniated disks deadlifting already in the past 4 years from that bounce. And no im not natty, but nothing too out of this world either, 600mg test prop a week with clen. What sport do you compete in 4-5 tmes a year??
  5. ya i wont argue in there anymore either. lifts seem to be good, is that DL with a bounce? and i take it ur not natty?
    My goals are more for sports hence me trying to stay lean year round i compete 4-5 times a year so gaining too much weight isnt much of an option.
  6. I don't bench because i tore my pec doing so but i did reach 365 for a double before that happened.
    Deadlift 495x7 and can pull 585 last set for a single. (Don't know what i can do fresh have never tried)
    Squat 455x3 last set
    Seated military press actually one of my favorite shoulder movements can do 225 for 8ish to the chin
    I don't do pullups or dips unless weighted
    And i don't run ever
    Im not arguing anymore with you in your thread bro, do what you want, if you ever wanna get around to putting them videos up i'll gladly upload mine, good luck with your quest to be lean year round.
  7. so what are u lifts? mine at 185lbs were bench 315x3 no bounce no ass off the bench.
    DL 455 for 1 no straps
    Squat A2G same as bench
    seated BB Milt bring it to collar bone 225x2-3
    30 pullups
    5 muscle ups
    and shit tons of dips
    5:33 mile
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