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    wolf.. I made a mistake w my pre contest diet from steve .. the chicken meal was half of a plain baked barbeque chiken at meal 3 and half at meal 4 ... I thought it was 8 ounces n 8 ounces ( 16) but it wasn't .. Im going to get the notes I saved . i took notes every day for a long while and any that pertain to steve n diet i'll let you know ..
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    last part W G Steves off season approach was typical of the day ...lots f protein .. Interestingly enough... probably not a great thing for steve in hind sighte because of his by passes. he had me go across the street to the red lobster every day for lunch ( if he didnt go out) and get him either a pound of FRIED shrimp.. lol.. no joke or a whole barbeque chicken ( that aint bad) .. in the am i went to the diner across street n got him a toasted bran muffin , no butter every am.. this was part of 84 85 86 I wish I can tell you more .. perhaps his approach w me was different than his approach with the older competitors .. Im sure it was . he was a smart guy though...very well read .. Good talking w ya WOLFGANG ps.. muscle n fitness editor shawn perrine was there during this time w his mom who competed . since he was a bit older maybe he can tell you more . shawns a great guy so Im sure he would .. he's on iron age ..
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    In 1985 Frank Richards came into the gym for night of champions n olympia (when I said the desk chats this is it .. ) he was shredded for the day...and even today ... he outlined for steve and discussed his ketogenic diet that day at the desk and the bodybuilders ( beckles, i think greg defaro and others staying at wayne demelias) all sat and discussed it for over an hour.. it was awesome.. i took notes I still have at my mothers house. You can write frank on facebook n ask him . I did a couple years ago, he was a good guy .. liked steve alot as did all those guys ..samir too . anyway , fransk diet (off top of head) was typical protein ( i think 50 grams) and he would use the keto sticks.. when he went just before ketosis he would eat 40 grams carbs .. ( i think that number is solid right on) of course no cheat meals at all and he was shredded .. lots of guys in the gym did it then .
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    He added to it EXCEL high fiber mix before every meal . excel was a basic fiber ( not sure if psyllium) from the 80's maybe earlier . He did not want you drinking water w meals . That was a popular belief back then with effecting stomach ph and enzymes . he also added digestive enzymes to the program . There were no cheat meals or off days at all . i dont no of any bodybuilders who did cheat meals . haha.. Now I met him in 84 I'm sure he tried every program others did back then .
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    I know what you mean with the trap.. have you tried tens unit ? Theyre great for guys that train to have for times like this .. Of course the repeated contractions help the muscle relax n hopefully taken stress off the nerve or impingment .. I use them n they are a keeper . My first contest diet with steve was very conservative.. aside from low calori n carb for some, fairly typical and reasonable . only 10 weeks looked like this .. #1 1/2 cp oats water 6 eggs whites ( only 6) #2 6.5 oz tuna water 1 medium baked potato , not sweet . # 3 8 ounces chicken breast and salad # 4 was the same as # 3 He was a believer in supplements and fond of Durk Pearsons Life Extension released late 70 early 80's he basically used their vitamin program, one by one in the back of the book .
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    How are ya, WOLFGANG ! Thank you for that , I appreciate it . I know some can get annoyed w longer post but I figured what the heck .. thanks again
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    Hey brotha, no problem.
  8. [url][/url]
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  10. For a 200lb man:

    MEAL #1
    5 whole eggs (make sure to buy *****-3 EGGS from the supermarket. They contain virtually NO saturated fat and tons of good *****-3 fats); add another 4 egg whites to this (they don?t need to be the *****-3 ones; you can use liquid egg whites)

    MEAL #2
    SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoon of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar)

    MEAL #3
    "Lean Protein Meal": 8oz chicken with 1/2-cup cashew nuts (almonds, or walnuts)

    MEAL #4
    SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoons of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar added)

    MEAL #5
    "Fatty Protein Meal": 8oz Salmon, Swordfish, or RED MEAT with a green salad (no tomatoes, carrots, or red peppers) with 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil or Macadamia nut oil and vinegar

    MEAL #6
    SHAKE: 50g Whey with 1 ? tablespoon all natural peanut butter or 4 whole (*****-3) eggs and 4 extra whites
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Not because you've got the capital to start a business means that you will be assured of being successful with your business. The truth is, not all people are meant to be successful in running a business. Logically speaking, not every individual is tailored to become one fine entrepreneur. Running a business requires special skill, talent, and ability.

While other people have these factors, a lot of individuals who try out the business world also lack them. It is just like managing plants. If one is a green thumb, then he will likely grow the plants well. It is just the same with business. If you are gifted with such special talents, then you can prove your worth in this line.

Before pursuing any dream in entrepreneurial, you've got to take time to analyze things about yourself. When you start investing energy, time, and money, it means you must expect for something in return. But then you cannot be assured of winnings in terms of business because there is no guaranteed assurance with business.

Simply taking things in consideration, risks cannot in any way be eliminated. After all, doing business means facing your fears, facing the challenges, and getting it on with the competition. One particular tip for budding entrepreneurs is to always start with smaller capitals so that when losses confront you, it will not be too disappointing on your part. Small businesses are open for the possibilities of improving them to make them big. Armed with careful planning, a great dose of preparation, and the needed insight, entrepreneurial will prove to be on the good side.

So how do you start assessing if you are meant to run a business? It is easy. Simply assess your personality. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? By recognizing these things that lie within yourself, you will be able to determine the utmost possibilities about your future in the business world. For some pointers, follow these guidelines:

If you are a self-starter, then you most probably have no previous experience in the trade. It means that you will start from scratch. Hence, the development of your supposed to be projects in the coming days and the organization of your time will lie in your own hands. You need therefore to keep track of every single vital detail.

Consider your relationship with people. You will not work by yourself. You need to deal with people. They may be your business partners, your customers, bankers, company staffs, consultants, accountants, lawyers, or other vendors in the business market. You need to develop good rapport. The reputation that you will craft for yourself will be the determining factor for your niche in the market.

Next, how are you when it comes to decision-making? Are you good at it? You must expect that you will be moving in a world that is filled with pressure so your decisions must be rendered quickly, effectively, and independently.

Another thing to consider is your physical well-being. Running a business requires too much of your time. If you are not physically equipped then there is no hope for you. What will happen to you after handling almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of work? Do you think you will be able to hang on?

Next pointer to bear in mind is your capacity to organize and carry on with plans. A poorly planned business leads to failures. But then good organization means financial rewards.

How is your drive? Will it be enough for you to be able to handle all those emotional stresses? When you are the business owner, the responsibility solely lies on your shoulder. A good foundation and motivation will always improve your drive to succeed in the business.

Consider also the effect of your being a business owner to the people around you. If you are a family-oriented person, surely you will lack time for them. You must ensure that they will understand you in this aspect. Research studies show that the first few years of the business are the most crucial as the business interferes with personal relationships. Therefore, you must learn how to balance things so that everything will work out just fine.

Moreover, for an entrepreneur to succeed, he must always be persevering and patient. Rushing things will not help. It also goes to mean that the earning of the profit need not be rushed. One must always start things slow until such time that great opportunities come and knock. There is always the appropriate time to shine.
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