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    Well the old formula had the actual superdrol in it. The formula was 10mg DMZ (Dimethazine) and 10mg Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone / methasterone). This stuff would give me CRAZY strength gains and size QUICK!!!! Now the new formula is 15mg DMZ and 5mg Estradiene dione-3-keta. Not sure how the new formula stacks up compared to the old formula. Haven't read any logs on the new super dmz. All I know if you can still get the Old formula of Super DMZ, Id say get your hands on it since IML is no longer making/selling that version.
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    Sup brotha, yea ill be competing sometimes this year. But in bodybuilding. Can't wait man, I want to do about 2 shows then go back into growing. Can't wait to run halo in bulking, but also the super dmz as well since I have the old formula.
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    For sure bro, this link will give you the upcoming shows for the NPC federation. [URL][/URL] . For other federations, I think list them. (Im only interested in NPC). From there it will show you the local/regional shows throughout the year. It will list location, date, and promoter and also show if its a national qualifier show.
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    Right on brother, im sure your gonna be beast mode at the end of your run with the IronMagLabs products. Never tried the cyanostane. I have a bottle of the old Super DMZ, but just waiting until I start bulking up again before I start running that. Fuck yea man on getting ready for physique! You gonna be running a log on prep? I should have done it, but im more than half way throuw my BB prep, next time ill hit up a log here on RX for my next contest prep. Right now I just cant wait to step onstage then be fat and happy right after haha.
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    Oh so your doing an 8 week cycle of halo? I was thinking of running it longer than the 4 weeks, but heard of only a cycle going as long as 6 weeks. Ill keep posted on your log.
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    Hey brother, been bout a week on halo on 3caps a day. Loving everyday on this product. Hows traning going man? You start the OstaRx?
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    Thanks bro, only people who have been to dark places know................its an honest song
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    I don't know about competing. We'll have to see how things tighten up and how my shape/symmetry is. Right now, I just want to be healthy and to look darn good! lol
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    Hey kratos...thanks man! I really appreciate you noticing. Yeah, I have been working hard for the last 7 months to diet down from an obese superheavyweight powerlifter when I weighed 491 pounds! As of this week I am down to 360lbs, and I plan to get down to 300lbs by the end of the year. I am 5'10". Please check out my HALO log!&p=1657732&posted=1#post1657732 or my training journal and you can see many before/after pics of me. By the grace of God I've made it this far, and I am certainly not done yet! Hit me back with any other questions you might have. I try to be an open book.
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    Hey brotha, I did a 4 week cycle of halo extreme along with cycle support. I started at 2 caps and stayed at 2 caps throughout the 4 weeks. I could have gained alot more but was using it as a lean mass cycle. So I did cardio 3-4 times a week. (HIIT Cardio 20mins) I got hard, and weight increased 7 pounds and strength gains shot up and the mass I put on was solid and all dry. I weighed myself a month later doing same type of training and diet and kept 5 pounds out of the 7 and I didnt take any supplement during the month after so I know I had kept 5 pound of muscle which is pretty good since I was in a calorie deficient mode. Did not notice any side effects, but libido was high all the time, but its always like that haha. There was a little bit of aggression. Next time I run Halo extreme ill be doing it a full mass cycle and will run it 6 weeks. And I know strength and mass gains will be ALOT better since ill be in a calorie surplus since ill be bulking.
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