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    Who is that in your avatar?
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    Just checking in on you Ma'am to see how you are and to say hello as I have not heard from you in a bit. Had a great afternoon at the beach with my son and wife last week end BTW. Chat soon!
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    No Ma'am. Unfortunatley I cannot make it to all shows due to available time. Hopefully I will be out that way for other business in the future.
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    Been a while since I have heard from you Sandra. As to your team calling I am not too concerned either way about that. But I am concerned about you a little. Are you doing okay? I know you have had some tough times Ma'am so please forgive me for asking if it is too personal.
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    Looking forward to hearing from you. One factor in need of consideration comes from bloood work pre and post GBP and found that GBP enhances branched chain amino acid metabolism by mechanisms separate from weight loss. These observations raise the possibility that changes in circulating amino acids play a role in the correction of glycemic control observed shortly after GBP. As such we had made some alterations, slight, but effective to make best use of this effect. Interesting.
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    Life is full of welcomed meetings by way of the oddest venues. lol In regard to your team. Let's talk. I am certainly interested in meeting with your team, more so now due to your back ground and personal situation Sandra. Forgive me if I am being rude or less than polite but its the rare combination of people like you that make me keep going quite happily. You are not settling and I love that in a person with an education both academic wise and life's lessons. Perhaps I may be fortunate enough to be able to be of some help for you or certainly would like to seek the possibility.
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    As to your bariatric post op patients, what if I told you we already have worked on this and its on going for a medical nutrition company that supplies all of the NZ and Australian hospitals? I believe we have it (I only believe what I see and can prove) and the amount needed to allow for the nutrient and NNU value of 80g protein is only 14g plus flavoring weight for a total of 16.8g. Off the record, it works though our next test group needs to be larger for a third validation of results. Now I am working on the lean tissue catabolism issue via a pulsitile or tide approach for nutriet utilization by way of using the bodies endogenous cascades via nutrient timing. I ask for the obvious reason that to many I would be a rouge and not welcomed. Simply being honest. I never risk anyones health or safety of course. Post op inflammitory responses are part of the equation we are well versed in though there is never enough knowledge aquired.
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    Sandra: Thank you for the reply. Interesting that you share this info now. One of my favorite research projects is autoimmune issues as there are several co-factors and a physiological cascade common to all I find challenging. In the case of Sjogren's syndrome, its a matter of excessive free radicals and an inflammitory response mediated by cytokines though initiated by an over expression of IL-6 and IL-2 to a lesser degree. I have noted that women whom have utilized altered or cross hatched proteins (anything out of a microwave or pasturized) heavily which in turn appears to trigger the likely genetic predisposition for Sjogren's syndrome. Interferon appears to be utilized to inhibit the inflammatory response but does not address casue and affect IMHO.
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    The same is true of CKD, cardio-vascular disease, liver disease and yes, RA. Oddly enough a compound called piperine as does cordycepts CPS-2 extract (not well known yet in regard to the latter) has a positive modulating value upon IL-6 and resulting NF-a. Free radical control is paramount as well. My apology for babling. I get a thought going at times and subject the poor reader/listener to my digestion of the topic. In short, all questions have an answer. I am alive for that reason myself when I was given a few months some years ago. I just cannot stand accepting there are no answers. The problem is asking the right questions first, I believe. You are well on your way to doing just that Sandra. Don't settle!
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    In regard to your surgeon and team I would be delighted to chat with them. If they are serious, I assume. We have been working with a NZ company on a similar project for hospital foods and with another group for ADHD and Autism. I should warn you that I am not well liked by some pharma and many MDs including 2 nephrologist I have had. Their, the nephrologist, problem it oddly seems is I won't die and my kidney function is improving while I gain lean mass back. I have also gone from stage 5 ESRD to stage 3 over the past 2 years. Several of their patients had noted me taking HumaPro and drinking Chain'd Out, asked questions that resulted in enough getting off walkers and cutting dialysis treatments down that they felt I was doing something wrong. I would rather not waste time on some conspiracy idea of course but rather make the point I trust only what facts I can validate rather than accepted dogma. Wasting time on emotional debates cost lives so needlessly.
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