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  1. McGregor vs. Mayweather - Who's watching?!!!

    Anyone watching this weekend?

    Who do you have winning?

  2. Primordial Peformance VS MuscleGELZ - ̾a̾n̾d̾r̾o̾h̾a̾r̾d

    Who remembers Primordial Performance AndroHard? The original formulation of Epiandro and Androsterone in a liquid carrier to increase absorption-

    Legendary Product right?
  3. ̶r̶a̶m̶s̶e̶s "androshred" Is The Best!!!!!!!
  4. 7- Keto - What is it? And why do I want it for lowering bodyfat?


    This is literally the best legal fat burner I have ever seen or used....
  5. Rich Piana in 1999 - You will be surprised!!

    Rich Piana circa 1999

    Compliments of Iron Mag Labs Bodybuilding Supplements
  6. Rich Piana in a Medically Induced Coma-

    Rich Piana placed in Medical Induced Coma following Suspected Overdose-!article/2017/08/1...-induced-coma/
  7. AndroHARD + AndroSHRED Basic Info and Dosaging info!!

    Ok guys here is some info for clarification!!


    3 pumps of androshred is equal to 1mL. 1mL is equal to 100mgs of the 7 keto + additional ingredients are extra-

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    Big Ramy 6 weeks out OLYMPIA 2017


    Big Ramy- 6 weeks out!!

    Brought to you by Iron Mag Labs Bodybuilding Supplements
  9. Beach Body Stack - AndroSHRED + LEAN FUEL version 2 - Fat burning Combo

    New Stack and this is selling really well!!
    ON SALE NOW! $64.99
    (save $29.99 off regular price)
  10. Iron Mag Accessories are BACK!! Tshirts/Tanks/Shakers/Beanies - Grab it now!!


    The Iron Mag Labs Accessories line is BACK!! Up for grabs.

    If I can suggest an item. The mens grey tshirt is amazing. Super lightweight muscle tshirt. Vneck and breathable. You can...
  11. Wesley VS. Traps (add size to your traps fast)

    Ok this is my most popular Training Routine I have used with my clients in the last 20 years.

    Have used this with thousands of clients and never have had one complaint on this method I developed...
  12. Steroids Make Your D**K smaller- Facts in the Link

    Just kidding ;)

    Watch this!

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">...
  13. John Cena - You can't see me!! Prank
  14. AndroSHRED Pre-Order (7-keto) transdermal Fat Burner

    AndroShred by MuscleGELZ is now available for Pre-Order on Iron Mag Labs Store!!

    ETA is 8-01-17


  15. Anabolic Matrix - ** Hormone Optimizer / Tesosterone Booster ** By Iron Mag Labs

    Guys check out this product.

    Anabolic Matrix

    Optimize Hormone Levels

  16. AndroHARD and AndroSHRED - Body Recomp tips!

    If you are in Body Recomp mode, aka you are attempting to lean out, harden up and reveal the existing muscle you have. The two products MuscleGELZ carries are EXCELLENT choices to use for a body...
  17. Nice post, thanks :)

    Nice post, thanks :)
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    Reverse Hypers?

    Anyone do these?

    Have anything specific you found helpful with these?
  19. 2 Year Study shows that MK677 is very effective!

    Effects of an Oral Ghrelin Mimetic on Body Composition and Clinical Outcomes in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial



    Growth hormone (GH) secretion and...
  20. Executive sold DMAA in products sentenced to prison..

    A judge sentenced the president of a dietary supplement company to serve 18 months in prison for introducing misbranded food into interstate commerce, the U.S. Justice Department announced this...
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    Josh Lenartowicz is HUGE!! July 2017

    Check out how much size he has gained!!
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    Can you write out the blend, what it is broken...

    Can you write out the blend, what it is broken down per mg?

    And def not 3cc in one shot a week.

    These are fast acting compounds, so if anything you are going to want to be doing EOD style...
  23. AndroSHRED (7-keto) by MuscleGELZ - COMING SOON!!!

    Check this out everyone. Coming SOON (ETA is 8-1-2017)

    As always use my code "WES15" at checkout for 15% off at

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    Big Ramy JULY 2017 updated photo!

    Brought to you by Iron Mag Labs
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    Bellator 181- Girtz face injury

    Bellator 181 ended in a bloody trilogy battle between Derek Campos and Brandon Girtz on Friday at WinStar World Casino, a Bellator stronghold in Thackerville, Okla.

    Campos took the edge in...
  26. Kai Greene's newest Photo!! July 14, 2017

    Kai Greene's newest photo!!

    How does he look to you?

    Brought to you by Iron Mag Labs
  27. Roelly @ 9 weeks out- 287lbs of Pure Muscle!!

    Roelly at 9 weeks out.

    Sitting at 287lbs and pure muscle!!

    How will he do at The Olympia?...
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    Awesome thank you so much :)

  29. Wesley VS 315lb INCLINE Bench Press with Iron Mag Labs

    "WES15" for 15% off

    Me versus 315 incline bench press. Using speed reps for explosive power, not bodybuilding technique. Bodyweight under 210lbs...
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    I actually want to try their new protein, the...

    I actually want to try their new protein, the blueberry toaster pastry whey. Stuff looks amazing.

    I'm using Raw Dynamix Blueberry muffin now and it's to die for.

    Ghost has some awesome looking...
  31. Nitro4 + BCAA 3000 combo pack ON SALE $24.99 (retail $44.99) - Iron Mag Labs


    Check out this steal of a deal. You get a bottle of both Nitro4 and BCAA 3000 for ONLY $24.99

    Better yet, use my discount code "WES15" at checkout for 15% off any...
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