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    Default WP Jintropin rHGH and MSD Sustanon Labs

    October 25th one 250mg amp of Sustanon was injected. November 1st at 5:36 AM 10 iu rHGH was injected IM.

    Total Testosterone was 714 ng/dl one week later.

    Growth Hormone Serum was 13.8 ng/ml 3 hours and 22 minutes later.

    The Protocol

    10 iu rHGH Intramuscular injection
    Have your blood drawn 3-4 hours after injecting.
    Fasting is not necessary.
    No strenuous activity for at least 30 min prior to test.

    *WARNING* GH serum testing is a crude method for confirming GH potency.

    Testosterone and rHGH are genuine and levels are typical for me. Due to the short propionate and phenly-propionate esters in Sustanon it's obvious this result is good as my labs were a full 7 days after inject. It is my opinion these Sustanon amps are true pharmacy grade medicine.
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    Your GH levels look very high. You obviously got the real deal with the Europharm Jintropin which is the only legit Jintropin on the black market. Nice!!

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