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    Google is the Devil!! My doctor has a sign in her office that says "Patients will be charged an extra $20 for any self diagnosis from Google!"

    I'm having good days and bad days. Last week was pretty good, then Saturday was a bad day. I woke up feeling as if I'd run over by a truck. I didn't start feeling better until well into the afternoon. I skipped the cardio I had planned for the day and just did some foam rolling and stretching at home. Hubby and I then went out to dinner and went straight back home. Nothing to eventful......we just took advantage of not having our 3yr old at home and got some rest.

    Sunday was better, but I still ended up taking Monday off from training. Figured it would be best to give myself an extra day before leg training.

    Tuesday 3/24
    5min warm up- various BW movements
    Leg Press- +90x12, +140x10, +180x10, +120x10
    BB RDLs- 95x10,95x10, 105x10
    BB Front Squats- 85x10, 95x10, 105x10

    Super set A
    Standing calves on smith- 12,10,8,6
    DB Reverse Lunges- 10s 4x10
    Super set B
    Seated Calves- 2x25
    DB Goblet Squats- 25x20x20

    Kneeling CB Crunches- 4x20
    Lying leg raises- 4x20
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    Always nice to take a little time to yourselves away from the kiddos, even if it is just a quiet night at home.

    Mirin' those front squats!
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