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    Hello everyone!

    SNAC has officially released our NEW pre-workout product, XPEDITE - Performance Energy! XPEDITE is an innovative powdered drink mix designed to energize your mind and body for more powerful and effective workouts. It was formulated to increase alertness, elevate mood, improve physical stamina, and enhance your overall sense of well-being. This product is not only used for high-intensity athletic activity, but also to ignite an energy and performance boost as needed. XPEDITE The accomplishment of your fitness and performance goals!

    XPEDITE will give you a more focused and intense workout, which means you will need better recovery. We are also introducing our NEW and IMPROVED flavoring formula for ZMA Nightcap Apple Berry with 5-HTP! ZMA Nightcap is the most powerful and effective ZMA product on the market, straight from the makers of the original ZMA.

    Not only does ZMA Nightcap Apple Berry have an amazing improved flavor, we have also lowered the grams of sugar in the serving size.

    We are looking for 5 loggers to do two separate 30-day logs: one for XPEDITE as a preworkout supplement, and one for ZMA Nightcap Apple Berry as a nighttime recovery supplement.

    If interested, please submit some information about yourself to me via direct message:

    How many days a week you train? What is your training split?
    What other supplements you currently taking?
    A macro-nutrient summary of your current diet.
    How long you have been training, and are you are training for a particular sport?

    Loggers CANNOT take other pre-workout or nighttime recovery products during their 30-day log period! We would like all logs to begin quickly, so please also indicate your availability.

    Click the links below for the full label info for ZMA Nightcap Apple Berry and XPEDITE.

    If chosen to do this log, you will receive a nice thank you package from SNAC!

    SNAC Dri-Fit Shirt, 2 tubs of ZMA Nightcap Apple Berry, 2 tubs of Xpedite, SNAC shaker bottle, SNAC gym bag and samples of our other products!

    (If you are only interested in logging one of the two products, that is fine. Please don't hesitate to inquire!)

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