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    Default question for doctor joel regarding blood work and non existing libido

    Dr. Joel I am 37 yrs old and have no libido and am tired all the time. I had my blood work done and the results are as follows:
    Total test is 465
    Free test is 76.5
    Now my pc says this is normal range , is there something I can do tohelp myself since I am apparantly not a canidate for trt. A griwn man should just not feel this way. Thanks for your input

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    You need to see your health care provider first for a physical exam to make sure you're otherwise healthy. The blood work they'll do will help to document your health or opportunities to improve.
    Your total testosterone is within normal limits; however, in the age management field, it is suggested that it be in the upper 80th-90th percentile. In your case a value of 750-900 would be optimal. If there were no medical reasons not to do hormone replacement for you, hormone replacement would be something you could talk personally with an age management physician.

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