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    Default Cutis Verticus Gyrata

    Dr , I have developed Cutis Verticus Gyrata over the years from steroid use . I have asked several Drs about a procedure to correct these ridges on my scalp and they all suggest scalp reduction surgery . I was wondering if you thought that liposuction to these areas would be a procedure that could be considered. I realize that the scalp is a very vascular area but I would think that controlling bleeding could be accomplished as would any other scalp surgery. Your thoughts appreciated .

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    I'm not Dr. Blau, but Wikipedia offers, "There is no 'cure' for this condition and currently, medical treatment is limited to plastic surgery with excision of the folds by means of scalp reduction/surgical resection. Scalp subcision has also been suggested as a treatment. Additional suggestions also include injections of a dermal filler i.e. Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid)."

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