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    Default TRT: Does having low LH and FSH dangerous?

    I'm 37 years old and I've been on TRT (200mg test-cyp eow) for 3 and half year now and I was wondering if I stay on TRT for life, does it matter if my LH and my FSH levels are low (~0.4)?

    What I mean by that is, in your practice, does it matter for TRT that the LH and FSH are low or do you try to raise them using HCG even thought the subject will not recover normal gonads functions?

    I literally searched for that specific topic and couldn't find an answer (only cycle answers).


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    The problem with a low LH is that it is caused by being on TRT. When you stop TRT you may still have low LH which would decrease your natural testosterone production. Using HCG will act like LH but does not have an effect on the excretion of LH from the pituitary.
    What I don't know, because it's not may area of expertise, is low LH associated with decreased fertility. For that ask an endocrinologist or urologist, please.

    Dr. Joel Nathan

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