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    Hello fellow gym warriors!
    I am new to this forum. I am 56 years old. I have been an athlete my whole life.
    Being fit is a way of life for me and takes a top spot on the daily "to do" list. A little over a year ago I started competing in bodybuilding shows in the bikini division. Why, at 56, would I do that? Well, why not? Who doesn't admire all the
    fitness models seen in magazines, the success stories of women who have over come struggles and adversity to achieve their dream weight or physique? I wanted to see just how fit and in shape I could become! My journey thus far has been amazing! I have learned so much about myself! I have seen my body make incredible changes through all the highs and lows that I have encountered. I have met so many wonderful people in this sport. Their advice,suggestions, critiques and support have enabled me to perform quite well on stage! I am a flight attendant, so being in transit every week, trying to get my workouts in, having a cooler attached at my hip 24/7, dealing with hormones,emotions and just every day life Has been quite a ride that I would like to share!! On top of all that, I have recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. That's okay though. I've had plenty of other potholes and detours in my life. Another glitch that I hope to overcome! My story will start shortly!
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    Helen, I am also new to this forum but was inspired by your journey so far, good luck with your hurdles in life so far I,m sure you will overcome.

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