Welcome to the Official Muscle in the Morning Sticky. Here you'll find all our episodes + Bonus Features available only to members of our Official Facebook Page and members of the RxMuscle Forum. Due to production reasons, we strive to deliver concise reports on the coming & goings of the bodybuilding world. However, sometimes our guests have more to say than 1-3 lines and sometimes they share more than 1-2 photos with us. Sadly, we can't have hour-long shows, but what we can do is offer you all that bonus material!!

Also, if you have suggestions about what you think we should cover, please let us know. We're also always looking for news tips and anonymous tips. If you're an athlete, a workout partner, a promoter, or even if you work for another magazine - if you have something you want to get off your chest, PM JohnnyStyles!

Check this thread often for updates from Dave & Johnny. Thanks again for your loyal viewership!!