Alp Yurteri, 2014 NPC Team Universe Overall Champion and New IFBB Pro!

Alp Yurteri won the Class C and the Overall at this year's NPC Team Universe, earning his IFBB Pro card in Men's Physique in the process. Alp, thank you for sharing some time with Rx Muscle.

Q: Your name is Alp and you joked during your interview with Dave Palumbo that you were born to be chiseled and ripped. Have you always been lean and athletic?

A: (Chuckles) Perhaps "chiseled & ripped" was a bit oversight, but for the most part I was always a very active and athletic boy growing up. Both my parents are very big on education, so sports never really took the immediate priority but my father played soccer back in the day so before you knew it my sister and I found ourselves playing soccer from a very young age.

Dave Palumbo interviewed Alp at the 2014 NPC Team Universe.

Q: How were you introduced to weight training?

A: I was introduced to weight training when I joined the wrestling team my freshman year of high school. Not only was I introduced to weights that year but it was also my initial experience of truly pushing my body to its highest extent enabling me to push through the intense practices. I remember at times I would feel so exhausted and weak during the drills, but I kept pushing forward, kept digging down and continued pushing myself. It truly plays a significant part in influencing and creating the tactic in my current training.

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