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    Default question about fat distribution

    Hi guys, for some reason even when I lean out, my arms always look watery and fat. My chest is fine, abs are visible and will look defined. the only other place I carry the most fat is my love handle area. I know the love handle area is common, but I think it is weird my arms never look cut. I do not compete and never will I just love the lifestyle. I just posted here because it is one of the more active forums with the most knowledge. I see guys with huge guts and more defined arms, makes me crazy! My questions is does anyone know why this happens? Can it be my estrogen level or something else? I am fully aware you cant really target areas for fat loss, just looking for a reason why... The other thing I should note is my arms are one of my biggest body parts...

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    Believe it's just the genetic luck of the draw.

    Some have great insertions, more hair follicles, bluer eyes, longer clavicles, fewer fat cells, greater muscle cells, a stronger immune system, etc.
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    Some of it is definitely hormonal but like Curt said genetics play a big role in it. There is a reason women and men tend to hold fat in certain places, hormones. For many people balancing hormones via lifestyle, diet and supplementation can help. At some point you just have to push the envelope further to get the fat off. If its still there, keep going.
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