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    Quote Originally Posted by NewAtThis View Post
    My diet went okay. Did I cheat? Yes. Yes I did. Wing night I did purposely...It's so hard to say not to those damn wings! I replaced my last protein source with wings instead. I don't think it impacted me that much.

    The carbs in my diet changed a bit however. There were times when the kitchen had no potatoes, oats, rice, etc. So I put fruit in instead and some days I had 3 or 4 pieces of fruit instead of a starchy carb. I know too much fructose is not good for losing weight. However I wasn't sure what else to replace the starchy carbs with. I also had some cut up veggies instead.

    There was a couple of nights I didn't bring enough food to work and got really hungry when I went back to camp. Instead of making a healthy choice I would have a sweet like a brownie or cookie. That happened twice. I was so hungry and so tired and I just didn't want to heat up a chicken breast or eat something healthy. So that was not good. However when I woke up the next day I was full of energy and I had better lifting work outs than usual.

    So the diet went okay. Less cheats than last set.

    I really struggle with clean eating all the time. I feel better with a cheat every once in a while. I have no idea how I'll ever do a competition if I do.

    Everyone does.
    You are doing a great job with your training and dieting progress.

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    The best goal is to get to a structured diet w/ optimally 1-2 cheat meals per week - I have always found the secret is to make your meals more like "refueling time" and less about the eating event, and put your 'enjoyment" expectations on the scheduled cheats. For me it was just a huge issue of mindset. Definitely make sure you are carrying enough food w/ you so you don't have to make "the next best choice". I'm cruising when I almost forget about eating and just shovel it down because I'm feeling depleted. However I do hit phases where I'm just epically bored w/ the diet. That's usually when a good cheat is needed - such as a big fat sloppy hamburger & fries.

    ** I fantasize about this as I've been keto dieting for months.

    Another mindset thing is to focus on how good it feels to NOT be full, NOT be stuffed from eating a cheat but rather feeling svelt
    "The only way you can hurt the body is not use it. Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late."
    ~Jack Lalanne

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    I appreciate all the input!

    So I'm back in town and at home. I just got in about an hour ago. I weighed myself...128. However I have ate today so I suspect I haven't lost any weight but am about the same as before I went back to work.

    Getting transferred to this new camp has been horrible. There is no cardio machines. We can not go outdoors for any type of run because we are isolated in the bush. There are some free weights though so I did continue my weight regimen.

    The food is simply awful. No salad bar. Very few fruits...only some apples and oranges and that is IF you get to them before they are taken.

    Diet was going excellent....for 10 days only one cheat and that of course was wing night haha. And I just replaced the wings with the last protein source of the day. It didn't affect me at all. In fact it made me very happy.

    But this new camp has horrible food. All processed. The good news is I am only in it till mid November.

    So I'm going to say my weight has stayed about the same. Although I won't know truly till the day after tomorrow really.

    I feel pretty good and my workouts are going well.

    I will post pics probably on Friday.

    I have decided to start packing protein powder. I rarely get switched camps but now I know it can happen.

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