Leg press superset with lat pulldown superset with preacher machine curl 7 sets
Goblet squat superset with straight bar pulldown superset with DB curl 4 sets

I was super worn out yesterday. Maybe I need time away from the gym or a few days of extra rest. Don't count on that happening. But part of me was just going to skip lifting all together and just do cardio. I forced myself to do some work but in the back of my head figured if at any point I just felt too beat up that I would stop. I started slow but the workout wasn't horrible, I didn't go heavy or anything but I didn't feel like complete trash. Once I hit the treadmill for some cardio though I was out of it completely. At one point I thought to myself, I could fall asleep just walking on here.

I'm out of town for the weekend for a bachelor party so no rest in site but I did take Monday off from work. I'm going to play it by how I feel, if I still feel drained I might take the day to just sit around and recover a bit. Maybe go for a walk around town but nothing crazy. However if I feel better I'll be back on the routine. We will see