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    Default Stevia vs Aspartame on Insulin and BG Effects

    Im not AT ALL a sweetener fear monger but this is something I have seen in my own findings and is worth noting if you consume a large amount of sweeteners. In small amounts its probably not an issue. In larger amounts, it surely can matter from what I have seen.


    A meal with stevia tends to show a lower postprandial insulin level than an identical meal using aspartame. The same can be said about postprandial blood sugar.


    On a personal note, I have actually tested to see if stevia can lower blood sugar on its own as some suggest and it does in myself at least slightly.

    Just some food for thought if you are someone that really hits the sweeteners hard or has a hard time with insulin sensitivity.

    Personally, Im not afraid of aspartame but if there is a stevia option I will probably take it for the above reasons. Not just for the "safety" reasons because in reality, there is a lot more date on aspartame than stevia long term.

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    Always helpful information.
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    hi data4

    Are you big on artificial sweeteners? I consume plenty (coke zeros, pepsi lights, equal, walden farms etc.) now during contest prep; do you notice any significant differences personally when you take them?

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