I just started an hGH and insulin cycle with lots of AAS and IGF-1 R3. So Im starting at 230lbs at 8% bf. I have been training for more than 15 years been a bodybuilder since 2012. I am not huge but I plan to get that way after this cycle. I am currently taking 800mg test enanthate, 400mg Deca, 4iu hGH, 10iu insulin PWO.
I just did legs

3x10 on squat with 315 full reps
hack squats
I do these all the way down then I hold each about half way down and it almost made me puke today.
leg extensions
3x20 with as much as I can rep comfortably. Today it was about 100 lbs.

Make great gains. Im up 10lbs in the past week and getting huge and ripped.