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    Default Offseason/ bulking for women

    Hi there,

    I was curious on some info for an off season cycle for women. I started out doing bikini, but I'm looking to make the transition to physique eventually. I have a very adaptive metabolism so putting on size naturally can be difficult. I have run 4 cycles of anavar only but I want to try something different and was thinking of trying NPP. Does anyone have any advice on what else I could take to put on as much size as possible. My diet is always on point. Eating around 3500 calories and staying at 18% bodyfat and limiting cardio to 1 or 2 days of hiit just to keep the heart healthy.
    Thanks again

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    In terms of injectables, NPP seems to be pretty well tolerated. I have yet to work with a gal that hasnt done well with it. In fact, they typically like it more than Anavar. Obviously its still dose dependent just like any other AAS but its a good choice.

    As with anything else, start low. Something along the lines of 50mg a week (split into 2 doses) would be good. Some start as low as 25mg which isnt a bad idea if you want to play it safe to begin with.
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    Check this stickie:

    The only comment I'll make is that once you get into the injectables, plan to see the androgenic sides, and they are cumulative w/ each additional cycle you do. Really important that you are ok w/ those results as well as the obvious muscle gain.

    Also most hypertrophy-oriented injectables come w/ some degree of aromatization (conversion to estrogen) so plan to experience some water retention. Guys will use some sort of aromatization inhibitor (AI) such as aromasin or arimidex or possibly just proviron or winstrol w/ their cycles to deal w/ the estrogen conversion, but for women I strongly recommend just dealing w/ the additional bit of water retention - it normally isn't a lot, but I see a lot of women looking for something to suppress it because they want to gain muscle but stay lean - water / estrogen is not a bad thing when you are trying to build muscle. It also protects the joints. It's a bigger deal for men because the amount of AAS they usually take is much larger than what is recommended for women, so the amount of estro conversion is much higher, but additionally that additional estrogen, for test-dominant men, promotes gyno. These are not big issues for women because they are already estro-dominant. But throwing in more stuff to manipulate the side effects of the AAS, IMO has a greater negative impact by complicating the already complex female endocrine system & hormone balance, and any AI will produce aggressive estro suppression which introduces both issues of very dry joints as well as early menopause-type effects, in the extreme.

    My point, keep it simple. When you start getting into the more aggressive cycles, they come w/ more aggressive sides that you may not like, but in the long run, it is just easier on your body to keep it all very conservative and simple.

    Hopefully this makes sense. I also see women go thru the linked article and start building stacks on paper because they want this result and that result (e.g. gain a lot of muscle while staying lean), but the more you throw in, the more complex the sides become, and the greater the total amount of steroid in your system, which produces longer-lasting and more aggressive androgenic sides.

    Keep it simple. But also stay within the bounds of sides you are comfortable with.

    NPP was mentioned - good compound, generally not a lot of water retention, but also can be aggressive voice change, facial hair growth, stays in the system a very long time (ref: detection time).
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