One week into my 8 week cycle of var and clen. I have taken clean cycles in the past 2wk on 2wk off, now added in var and will cycle clen through the 8 weeks.
Im currently doing 10mg of Var- 5mg in the AM and 5mg in the Pm and taking 20mg of clen, and upping 20mg every week until max at 100mg.

I currently lift 5 days a week. Legs 2x a week and 1 day plyo legs, and two days upper body. Ive been doing cardio 6 days, 2 days HIIT 30 min max and 3 days steady state 45-60 minutes treadmill.

My nutrition has been kinda all over. I was working with a coach and he had me pretty low carb and high fat (my body responded better to that) he had me at 75 c 75 f and 140 protein. Im no longer working with him. So i upped my food a lot. I felt I was at those macros for a long time and didn't see the results i wanted- he also had me doing 80 minutes of cardio as well.

Now I have upped my macros significantly to hope my metabolism will start kicking it. Im currently doing 194c 64f and 150p.

Im current at 160 lbs Im 5'7, not sure of my body fat haven't check in a while but I would guess roughly around 25%. I was focusing to much on what the scale said and was getting frustrated. I don't have an ideal weight I just wish I was a little leaner. More over all muscle definition.

Anyways- just wanted to input on Var cycles. Im not really sure what to expect, as I mentioned I've cycled clen before and was happy with the results but felt they didn't last during the off two weeks. My boyfriend suggested I take var, and he also said it will increase my sex drive? I just haven't seen any of that in forums or research I did on it. If you have experience with var and clen cycles I would love to hear more. This is what my cycle will look like:

Week 1: 10mg Var 20mg Clen
Week 2 & 3: 10mg Va 40mg Clen
Week 4: 10mg Var 60mg Clen
Week 5: 10mg Var 80 mg Clen
Week 6 & 7: 10mg Var 80mg Clen
Week 8: 10mg Var 100mg Clen

I will post a current photo later.
Thank you