HEY HEY YALL, i'm here. a fast update here. my wt is now 153, yea! i told yall it will be comin' down and it is. i'm workin' hard at it and again by me changin' my diet is helpin' me drop my wt. now i'll give yall my diet and how it changed,

1st meal at 4:25am-my organic banana=nanar, organic carrot juice, organic spinach, with my 6star protein and MHP 12hr protein, shake
2nd meal at 7am- same shake minus the protein
3rd meal at 10am- on organic rice cake with organic jelly
snack at 12:30pm-another organic rice cake,yet plain
4th meal at 2pm on workout days-organic egg whites and one whole organic egg with one organic bagel and my 12hr protein shake
5th meal between 5pm and 6pm- 3oz of organic black rice with organic carrots, and with organic tofu sauage and one organic bagel.
and yes i have my Starbucks and organic coffee from 9am to 12pm.
so that is my diet for now and yes i also drink lots of water to flush my body out durin' the day and night.
and our workouts are hittin' my body parts and i see my body just changin' for the good. crazy neat. well that's it for now and more later. til then.
i thx yall for readin', please don't train to hard, i love yall, and yall are BLESSED.