Hello. Since I been really into training and bodybuilding I found it very hard to maintain form. I can literally just not eat like sugar or any unhealthy food cuz it so easy makes me to put on fat. I wonder if this LH and low testosteron is the result of me finding it hard to stay in shape? Yes im at 10% body fat now but always holding lots of water. Rock hard in the mornings but later just bloated. I have competed natural in 3 bodybuilding shows.
I did also got gyno when I was young (12-13 years old) when I grew like a beast and then suddenly stop at age of 14-15 and not grown more since then.
Whats your guys take on my situation? Its hard to get help here in Sweden since the doctors here is not very experienced about hormone profiles etc and are scared to deal with the subject.

When I took this test I was on d aspartic acid:

Those test was without any d aspartic acid.