Ghost Cereal Milk Whey Review

Cereal Milk If you are a fan of captain crunch or cereal in general this will be a must grab protein flavor. The best way to explain this flavor is drinking the leftover milk after a bowl of cereal. Initial taste has the captain crunch flavoring, then the sweet milk taste is very potent in the aftertaste. It is amazing how well Ghost really hit this one out of the park the more I sipped on my protein shake. Being a kid who ate boxes of cereal throughout the week as an offensive lineman, this reminded me of my days being 200+ pounds and plowing through food. This stuff is so on point that I would have to put it towards the top of one of my favorite protein powders ever. Take caution, you may find yourself drinking this and using it more then expected.


I mixed this protein shake with 1 Scoop of the Whey and 6oz of cashew milk. This mixed with ease. There was no clumping left in the shake as the powder started to mix hitting the liquid.

When mixed in greek yogurt (plain) I also found it to mix with ease. It mixes much thicker then I expected. The protein was very rich in flavor and still held the flavoring like the shake.


Per Scoop:
1.5g Fat
4g Carbs
25g Protein

What you have to love about Ghost is the open label on the whey protein. The only other added ingredients are cellulose and xanthan gum + Sucralose as the sweetener. There is nothing hidden in here. With a very basic formula the greatest inclusion is a Ghost Enzyme to help breakdown the whey for those who may have a slight lactose problem. This will settle very easy and sit well for almost all consumers.

14.53g from WPI
13.15g From WPC
2.98g from Hydro WPI