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    Quote Originally Posted by pd View Post
    Maybe my point was missed. I don't think it's too nice. I like nice. I want nice. I PREFER NICE.
    Because of my career I have to spend a large amount of time on social media. It has without a doubt become a sea of negativity and there is no end in sight. My feeling is if people were turned off by that they would do something about and try to make a positive change.
    THEY ARE NOT! Just like everything else... "acceptance" eventually leads to "normal" which in turn leads to "comfort" which leads to "desiring". Like a drug. Over time people will go looking for it. Because of the great work you and Curt do here a lot of the negativity is to be found elsewhere and so the sheep gravitate elsewhere.
    I'm generalizing of course but the proof is hard to deny.
    Agreed! Thank you, pd.

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Beat View Post
    The tone of the site is set by Dave and Chris, both are thoughtful people and their input, I think, tends to lead to people thinking twice before making idiotic negative trolling comments. Doesn't always work of course.

    The community is also a bit older that most other BB sites so there there should be a bit more maturity..........doesn't always work of course.

    Still every forum needs jokers or guys instigating controversial comments. It would be boring otherwise.
    Definitely true, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guruhonza View Post
    This just has to stop... if idiots like this piece of shit get exposure like this thanks to Dave and his weird obsession with this Rich Piana story then it's enough even for me. I'm just done following anything RXMuscle does until it gets back to BODYBUILDING. These stupid clickbait topics featuring social media personaltiies might be interesting but they are not interesting for bodybuilding fans. This is something I'd expect from Generation Iron.. not from the best US website in BB industry. Not from Dave Palumbo. Dave Palumbo who is the best interviewer in this industry... and one of the best minds in the sport.

    And if Dave really enjoys these kinds of interviews with scumbags like this... and has passion for this. I'm even more disappointed.

    Its called advertising....

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    Quote Originally Posted by D M X View Post
    Great forum.. the two people that run this forum really did a good job. Similar to Venezuela. Once normal now chaos and tumbleweeds ..

    You're just sad because nobody cares for you!

    Go back into the woods from where you came.

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