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    Default EvanL is Rx Member of the Month for July 2017!

    EvanL is Rx Muscle's Member of the Month for July 2017!

    Evan joined Rx on November 6, 2014 and has created many threads, primarily focused on bodybuilding and supplementation. Let's learn a little more about this longtime member of the forums!

    What do you think Kai will do in September? I hope he competes, but wouldn't be surprised if he didn’t.

    I hope he will, but I have reservations. I think he and the promoters may have already worked out a good deal, remember The Rock is producing this Olympia so he wants a good show. If The Rock tells you you’re doing the Olympia, you’re doing the Olympia.

    Who do you think might be in the top 5?

    1. Phil
    2. Rhoden
    3. Dexter
    4. Ramy
    5. Winklaar

    Why do you think Kai is so popular?

    I think he is popular because he is enigmatic and brings character to a sport that seems dull to the "internet" generation of bodybuilders. I'm supposedly part of this generation but I might be the only one who actually enjoys watching bodybuilding shows for what they are. Kai's posing is a bit too fast. I wish he would slow it down and flow pose to pose. Flex had a similar issue in some of his routines of the 90s. He would move so fast you couldn't focus on the body part he was highlighting.

    I definitely agree on holding poses.


    What's your favorite thing about bodybuilding?

    Seeing the results in the mirror is incredibly inspiring, and for me meeting my favorite pros in person is like nothing else in the world. I met Phil Heath for the first time in 2007 and I couldn't fathom the size of his forearms.

    Evan and Phil Heath

    What's your least favorite thing about bodybuilding?

    I think a lot of the drama is quite unnecessary, and it has turned into who has the most followers rather than who has the biggest biceps. The judging at pro shows does need some serious improvement. I would like to see a new panel of judges at every pro show. Start a program to train new judges, let them start at the local level and move them up to the pro ranks as they gain experience.

    That’s an awesome idea.

    What about audience participation as part of the scoring?

    I say leave the judging to the professionals. The audience could be family, friends and fans of a certain athlete and that would create bias and and unfair advantage. Perhaps have a contest and you could win your chance to sit with the judges and score a round.

    Very good point on bias. And I like that contest idea!

    How were you introduced to the weights?

    My dad had an old school weight room in the basement and I started training with him. Once I rented Pumping Iron from the library, I joined the local gym and learned from a bodybuilder who taught me everything on form and diet.

    How did you learn about Rx Muscle Forums?

    I followed Dave over from Muscular Development, loved his In The Trenches videos. Changed over from the forums after most of the serious bodybuilding talk ended over there.

    If they brought back the Iron Asylum, who would you want to see work out and what body part? I'd say Roelly and triceps for one?

    All the pros would be great on that. I can't believe he hasn't done anything like that yet.

    Any #askDave questions?

    The final verdict on multivitamins, need them or no?


    What’s your favorite part of Rx Muscle Forums?

    When we get a conversation started and it goes on for pages and pages.

    What would you do to improve the site and the forums in particular?

    The site is god awful on mobile.

    What in particular?

    Trying to navigate is difficult, boxes are very small and site shifts and fidgets around as ads load, so I usually end up on Yamamoto or IronMag Labs website.

    I’ve had that happen, too.

    Do you use Tapatalk?

    Yes, I use that for the forum but for other things like articles I use the website.


    How many meals per day are you doing? Do you include any shakes as meals?

    I actually cut way down. I think that whole "your body can only handle so much protein" might be true. I have 3-4 meals per day and I've cut out shakes completely. I do a BCAA drink in between meals instead. I've seen better results doing that than when I used to cook up 10 pounds of dry chicken and rice and carry it around in a duffle bag all day.

    Have you seen Generation Iron?

    Yes, didn't care for it, sorry. lol The drama was way too forced. Yes, there was "acting" in Pumping Iron but it was much more subtle. And Phil running up that street was ridiculous.

    What about its sequel?

    No, I haven't yet. From what I read it doesn't contain many actual bodybuilders but more internet personalities, so I'm not very interested.

    What is your favorite part of the iron game – Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, Strongman, etc.?

    Bodybuilding! Don't even get me started on the Men's Physique nonsense.

    No board shorts in your future, then?

    Nope, I could write a book on this subject.

    Just say no!

    What about Classic Physique?

    Not necessary, if they want a more classic look then judge that way in Men's Open.

    Do you think the new divisions are money grabs or good additions to the federation?

    Money grabs 110%. They get, what, $100 a year from each NPC member? Remember when the Mr. Olympia was just that? A spectacle! Now I have to sit through 700 bikini competitors and Bob Chic pronouncing names for an hour.

    What is your goal so far as the weights go?

    Get as big as possible while maintaining low body fat and a slim waist, you know the drill.

    What's your approach? I'm trying StrongLifts 5x5 right now.

    I just try and lift heavy with good form, Mike O’Hearn uses a program called Power Bodybuilding, which I like to use.

    Evan and Mike O'Hearn

    Would you share your greatest experience in the sport so far?

    Meeting Phil heath and Kevin Levrone.

    When and where did you meet Kevin Levrone?

    I met Kevin at the 2017 Olympia. I was wearing his comeback shirt and he not only signed a picture but the shirt as well. I now have the shirt framed.


    Evan and Kevin Levrone

    And what has been one of your greatest disappointments?

    Not being able to find a good gym after moving.

    Do you have any favorite bodybuilders or strength athletes?

    Phil, Kevin, Jay, Ronnie, Guy, Dexter all of em'.

    Who is someone you look forward to meeting and perhaps picking their brain?

    I want to meet Flex Wheeler this year at the O.

    What do you think of Wheeler's chances in Classic Physique?

    Honestly, I wish him the best but from what I've seen so far he needs a bit of work. I wish these guys doing the comebacks would give themselves more time to prepare. I also think all of those tattoos might take away from his overall look.

    Who else would you like to meet?

    I want to meet Jay Cutler, Big Ramy, Flex (both Wheeler and Lewis), Arnold, and Centopani.

    How’s your training going?

    As good as it can. I work crazy hours and my gym is open less than a bank, which makes it difficult.

    What’s the craziest workout program you’ve followed?

    I tried the FST7 program and it is pretty intense.

    What has been the most effective workout you’ve followed?

    Jay Cutler’s training split from 2004 Ripped to Shreds DVD. I followed it to a T including the tanning. I gained around 10 pounds in a month until I stalled.

    What supplement company or brand does it right?

    I've tried to ween myself off supplements, just way too much money and the effectiveness wears off after a few uses.

    Any homemade pre workouts like black coffee?

    Yep, I do a scoop of instant coffee mixed if I'm feeling tired.


    Favorite TV show?

    Last good show I've watched is Bosch on Amazon.

    Netflix, Hulu, other? What's your favorite source of entertainment?

    Amazon or basic cable, I barely watch TV.

    Do you have a favorite movie?

    I like the Alien franchise, Picard’s Star Trek movies (Generations, First Contact, etc.)

    Any movies recently or something you're looking forward to?

    Waiting on the next Cloverfield sequel called God Particle.

    Oh? Hadn’t heard of that film. Cool!

    What’s your occupation?

    Manager in the Produce department at a grocery chain.

    Protein discount, bro? ;-)

    I wish. I do packets of tuna for lunch.

    Where do you call home?

    Well, I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, but I recently moved to northern Virginia to accelerate my growth at work.

    What currently drives you nuts?

    Everything in Virginia closes early. My gym closes at 11 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekends. I work nights and get our around 10 or 11 which means I have to get up super early to train. And I can't find a hardcore gym (closest one is the one Levrone trains at in Maryland, but it's over an hour away).

    Are you at something like a fitness center?

    LA Fitness, they only have those type of chains around here no mom and pop hardcore places. It's terrible, overcrowded and those awful Life Fitness pieces with enough padding for a Natuzzi leather sofa.

    Natuzzi? :-D

    What motivates you?

    Watching my bodybuilding DVD collection.

    My favorites are the two Ronnie and two Jay DVDs I have. All four are three hours plus. What are some of your favs?

    Cost of Redemption, Ripped to Shreds, and One Step Closer.

    Mitsuru Okabe made the best training videos.


    What are your hobbies?

    Outside of working out I love history, going to museums and historic places fascinates me.

    Was history one of your favorite subjects in school?

    Yes, it was the only subject I was good at.

    Do you have any pets?

    My dog Molly is staying with my mom back in New York.

    What breed of dog is Molly? And how old is she?

    She is a mix between a lab and a pointer, 8 years old. I didn't want her to be alone all day in a tiny apartment while I was at work, so I let my mom watch her. I send her toys and visit her as much as I can.

    Awesome! Thank you for participating, for sharing some time answering these questions, Evan.
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    Thank you Curt! This forum is a great asset to the bodybuilding community. In the coming months I hope to start ramping up the Olympia discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanL View Post
    Thank you Curt! This forum is a great asset to the bodybuilding community. In the coming months I hope to start ramping up the Olympia discussion.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
    Looking forward to it!

    Two of my favorite bodybuilders are Juan Morel and Cedric McMillan. Cedric is qualified and Juan (as of today) is at the top of the points list. I want to see him on that Olympia stage in September. Not even sure if that's his goal this year, though.

    Updated: June 30, 2017

    2017 Mr. Olympia

    Phil Heath (USA)
    Shawn Rhoden (USA)
    Dexter Jackson (USA)
    Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt)
    William Bonac (Netherlands)
    Nathan de Asha (UK)
    Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
    Lionel Beyeke (France)
    Cedric McMillan (USA)
    Brandon Curry (USA)
    Lukas Osladil (Czech Republic)
    Johnnie Jackson (USA)
    Sergio Oliva, Jr (USA)
    Gerald Williams (USA)
    Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)

    Point Standings

    Juan Morel (USA), 22
    Michael Lockett (USA), 15
    Jeff Beckham (USA), 13
    Dallas McCarver (USA), 12
    Maxx Charles (USA), 12
    Jonathan Delarosa (USA), 12
    Petar Klancir (Croatia), 9
    Charles Griffen (USA), 8
    Justin Compton (USA), 4
    Tomas Kaspar (Czech Republic), 4
    Luis Rodriguez (USA), 4
    Sasan Heirati (UK), 4
    Akim Williams (USA), 4
    Brandon Ray (USA), 3
    Guy Cisternino (USA), 2
    Ibrahim Fahim (Kuwait), 2
    Paulo Almeida (Canada), 2
    Eddie Bracamontes (USA), 2
    Abdelaziz Jellali (Qatar), 1
    Miha Zupan (Sovenia), 1
    Darryn Onekawa (New Zealand), 1
    Marek Olejniczak (Poland), 1
    Kevin Jordan (USA), 1
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    Congratulations EvanL

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    Congrats EvanL!

    Quoted for Truth!

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    Congrats Evan!!!
    2013 & 2014 RX Member of the Year
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    Great interview Evan, your enthusiasm for bodybuilding shines through. Some great pics too.

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