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    Default Clothing Sizes Making Us Feel Bigger? Iron Rage

    Dave Palumbo and John Romano are back for another hard-hitting episode of Iron Rage, powered by Yamamoto Nutrition.

    On today's episode, the two rage about clothing sizes that have evolved over time to make us feel bigger. What used to be an XL is now a XXXL.

    What's behind this? Is this an answer to society's desire to feel bigger?

    It's Iron Rage, powered by Yamamoto Nutrition, on

    When in doubt, get bigger.

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    the society's desire to feel bigger? haha it's the exact opposite

    mens clothing sizes have downsized over the last few years because of the hipster movmenet....guys are now sissified and want smaller more tight a large shirt then gets a more tapered cut meaning some people need to size up

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