Hi girls.
I have a doubt...

I'm in a 16 weeks Bold Cycle.
This Saturday I'll have my 5th injection of 100mg of Bold.
I have three more shots of 100mg, then I'll have 8 more shots of 150mg.
I'm taking a shot every Saturday.

I have to travel for my job in the 12th week and I can't cross borders carrying drugs... for the obvious reasons.

What is the best solution here?
I'll stay out for 2 weeks.

I reschedule my training... so in the 12th I supposed to have my deload week and I'll use the gym in my Hotel to training. I'll have two lights weeks of training.

But... what about the drugs?

I take the 12th shot and when I return I'll take the last four?

Or I take the 12th on Saturday 29.09 and the 13th on the subsequent Thursday 05.10... the day I'll travel and stay off for the next 2 weeks?

I was thinking support these 2 weeks with Test Gel 2% 20mg, which I have a prescription for my Endocrinologist.

Or I change my cycle for 12 weeks long?

Any help will be appreciated.


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