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    Default Squats - some muscles sore, others nothing

    Beginner here starting with stronglifts 5x5 -

    Squatted 85lbs last night (could only do 5/4/3/0/0 (goal was 5 squats; 5 times)); that's fine, next round will be better. My question is why only my front quads are sore as heck (sore only when touching them or simple squatting in daily activities, not when walking or not in use). No other muscles in my legs, including my rear quads/hamstrings/glutes or back, are sore in the least - like nothing was done.

    From a physical pov, what would cause only the front quads to be sore - incorrect form? those are the weakest for me? those are used the most in squats?

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    Welcome to RX!

    Quads-only soreness might have to do with bar placement. In a high bar squat, the quads are the dominant muscle group whereas in low bar placement the hams and glutes do more of the work.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with either bar placement OR that only your quads are sore. If want to feel more in your hams, you could add a ham-dominant exercise like some lying leg curls or stiff-legged deadlifts near the end of your workout.
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    I say reduce the weight to a number you can get your reps with and squat away.Don't worry about soreness just do good reps.

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