Hey everyone. Here to introduce myself real quick and touch base with everyone.

I'm 24, been lifting for around 6 years. Competed last year at my first show. Took 3rd in the Open and 5th in Novice, weird line ups.. Just competed again and took 1st in Novice and 2nd in the Open.

Improved over the year and was supposed to be 4 weeks out right now but financially can't make another show work. So I'm going to take a year off, get my financials in order, put in quality size and shape, and hit it again early 2019!

Been on the "dark side" for a little over a year now. Took some pro hormones and took the bad advice of "d-aspartic acid is a good enough PCT" and didn't bounce back. So now I've been on atleast TRT for a while now.

Stats are as follows:
5'8.5/9" depends on the tape
Weighing 175 right now.

Last year on stage I was around 155-160.
This year I was around 160-165. At 4.5/5%

I've been around a few boards and I know how they work. Just wanted to get over here where I think I'll soak up a little more knowledge.

Other boards are just a place for sources anymore.

Thanks guys hope to find myself a home over here at RX!

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