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    Default MULTI-CAST | Heavy Muscle Radio 9/25/17 Ramy Takes Arnold Europe + Flex Lewis Controversy?

    MULTI-CAST | Heavy Muscle Radio 9/25/17 Ramy Takes Arnold Europe + Flex Lewis Controversy?

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    Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio, on

    A hectic weekend in bodybuilding saw Big Ramy, one week after the Olympia, prevailing at the Arnold Classic Europe, besting the likes of William Bonac, Shawn Rhoden, and Roelly Winklaar.

    The weekend was not without controversy, as Flex Lewis took the 212 class at the Korea Grand Prix, but many fans and analysts thought the nod should have gone to Iranian Hadi Choopan (2nd). What ensued was utter ugliness as Lewis endured harsh criticism (and threats) on social media.

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    That Flex Lewis was awarded with a better placing than Hadi Choopan and Jose Raymond is embarrassing for the sport. There is high-def video/photos in 2017 that make it clear for all to see that his size, thickness, detail and conditioning isn't up to snuff.

    This is why Phil Heath doesn't compete after the Olympia. He can't even handle the criticism from one show, never mind facing the reality of losing multiple shows that you win and having to face the reality that you're a fake champion of the sport. It's easier to hide and maintain.

    Hadi Choopan is doing to Flex what Kai Greeene did to Phil Heath. If Flex can manage to get the judges to give him the 2018 Olympia you won't see him compete ever again off the Olympia stage. Way too vulnerable. It's over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucyajones View Post
    You know I think I blamed the writing for sounding like a junior high newspaper, but I realize it's the way Dave reads the script that makes it so wack. I wish he'd just talk to us like he's doing a rant.

    For instance, I'd rather when a picture pops up, instead of saying "pictures were released of Roelly the beast Winklaar showing off some beastly muscle" he actually critiques the details of the picture. E.g. "so here's a photo of really the oxygen gym guys took. It looks filtered but you can still tell he needs more detail to come in his lower back."
    Do me a favor, Lucy. Click on the video in the first post and you tell me where Dave is reading from a script. He's speaking extemporaneously. Wtf are you talking about?
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