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    Default Decriminalizing Bodybuilding Gear? Iron Rage

    Dave Palumbo and John Romano return for another hard hitting episode of Iron Rage. Should "gear" be decriminalized?

    When in doubt, get bigger.

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    Wow. This is the kind of gonzo stuff Romano became famous for in the pages of MD. It's about time.

    In addition to Romano's arguments against the scheduling of steroids as a controlled substance, I would add the following:

    * The problem is not AAS "use." The problem is AAS abuse. The individual I knew who had a script for test & HGH, & had medical complications (i.e., he died), was not following his doctor's advice, or the recommendations for dosing. He was shooting the stuff however, whenever & wherever he wanted to. No wonder his body rebelled. That is not what a typical user does, though. As one person said to me, "You have to respect it."

    * If users were medically supervised & monitored while getting access to high-quality AAS, the health problems of steroid use would almost vanish overnight. It is not just a matter of medical supervision, though. The fed will not fund research that attempts to establish how AAS use can be made safer or more effective. The research project must show how bad voluntary AAS use is. & other institutions will not fund such research, at least openly. I have always wondered about secret military research, though, since the military wants super-soldiers who can walk through walls without an exo-suit.

    * Other than the infiltration of organized crime in the underground marketing of steroids in the '80s, the main reason for control was to "protect our kids." When high school athletes started dropping down dead from unsupervised abuse of veterinary steroids, & other kids who were suddenly pulled off steroids & fell into suicidal depression killed themselves, grieving parents screamed bloody murder for Congress to step in. "Save our children!" the parents screamed, though some of them may have predisposed their children to commit suicide by forcing them to withdraw from use too suddenly. That was a golden opportunity for congressmen to get into the limelight, act like knights on white horses, beat their chests, & proclaim to their constituents that they were saving their kids.

    * The main excuse for making the penalties for steroid use more severe is to protect children. It's not surprising that those penalties are made more severe in a regular cycle--one that corresponds exactly with reelection campaigns. Meanwhile, the DEA & now Homeland Security (since steroid importers have been equated with terrorists) get more funding, personnel, & offices since their mission is to control AAS use & distribution. Without AAS prohibitions, many in these agencies don't have jobs. They need the prohibition in order to continue to keep the lights on, much less satisfying the desire to control a population they regard as lawless.

    * In Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens, Mr. Bumble is told the law assumes something to be true. "If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is a ass — a idiot." Just because a law says something is true, that doesn't make it so.
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