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    Default 2017 Story Of "Da Bull" (George Petersons Journey)

    From 2016 Eastern USA Overall Champion to Olympia Bronze Medalist 11 months later. The questionable placings, the hate on him being "too muscular", "not classic enough" etc...the self doubt that crept in when things got tough. Drained physically, mentally, financially...beaten down by 6 months of dieting (often eating at times 1 baked potato a day as total carb source) it all can wear a man down. Can wear down others around the athlete as well (like the coach for instance).

    We had an argument George and I about 4 weeks out of Tampa Pro. Kind a heated but I convinced George to hang on and give it one last shot at the last Olympia qualifier of the year. George was drained in every way. But he got back on his diet full force and attacked Tampa prep. Wasn't his best showing as a pro but was enough that day to "finally" get that win and Olympia Qualification.

    Nobody expected George to be a factor in the Olympia...nobody but George and myself that is. Many people would have quit...George did not. In Vegas we nailed it. after 7 shows in 11 months at the moment it mattered the most. This is George talking about this past year and about his plans for 2018.

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    High achievers often go through "the valley of the shadow of death" to get to where they need to, & often they have just one person who has their back. I am impressed that you were that person for this great competitor.

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