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    Default PRE-WORKOUT RITUALS? #askDave

    When in doubt, get bigger.

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    Rituals have a talismanic power for a lot of elite athletes, & other elites such as writers. However, not everyone needs them. Writer Isaac Asimov was once asked what little rituals he went through before he started writing each day. He said, "I turn on the typewriter." "No, I mean things you do to get yourself in the groove & mood." "I turn on the typewriter," he repeated. & he wrote 11 hours a day 7 days a week. That's how he published almost 500 books in his lifetime.

    Pro baseball players are a different kettle of fish. It's the most superstitious elite group in the universe. Stance, number of taps of the bat on home plate, a Taco Bell lunch without tomatoes (which is Verlander's pitching day lunch), you name it--baseball players do it.

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