Fit Crunch Protein Powder Review


Vanilla Milkshake – The Vanilla milkshake is exactly what you would expect. The density and sweetness of the flavor really shines as it gives you a true vanilla flavor. Upon sipping on this flavor and mixing in Greek yogurt the boldness comes through in the aftertaste. Right away the flavor doesn’t hit you hard, but it continues to get stronger after the initial hit on your taste buds. This is not a vanilla bean like PES, but it has a much richer flavor then USP Labs. Those are two of my favorites on the market and this one is right up there with the elites!

Chocolate Deluxe – Chocolate deluxe is a mix of a milk and dark chocolate flavored protein powder. The creaminess and density of the dual chocolate flavors really shine as you sip on this as a protein shake. At first you get the dominating milk chocolate and then the dark chocolate kicks in during the aftertaste. This reminds me of Cellucor molten chocolate (dark chocolate aspect), and Metabolic Nutrition Chocolate Cake (milk chocolate aspect) merged together. If you are a chocoholic this one will be a hit for you. Chef Irvin’s Chocolate is unique with how well you can taste the different chocolate aspects and how well they compliment each other.

Strawberry – Strawberry never shined through like the vanilla and chocolate did.I was hoping the density would pull through like the other flavors, but it is light from first sip through the aftertaste. I think FitCrunch was going for a refreshing and light tasting strawberry flavor. The huge benefit of this flavor is there is no artificial taste to it. So many strawberry flavors on the market taste like chemical and are so artificial its hard to drink or utilize them. A big thumbs up for a pure tasting strawberry the flavor was just faint.


Just like most protein blends on the market this one did mix with ease. I use a ninja blender with 8-10oz per scoop of protein powder. When blended after a few seconds the powder was totally dissolved. When the powder hit the almond milk it did start to mix. Due to how fine the powder was this did not surprise me how well it did mix.

Another one of my favorite ways to mix protein powder is in greek yogurt. I use around 5-6oz of Greek yogurt and one scoop of protein and this mixed as easy as the protein shakes. After stirring for 20-30 seconds it was totally mixed. The protein powder mixes on the thicker side similar to PES Select and Ghost Whey.


Per Scoop:
130-150 Calories
1.5-2-4g Fat (Van / Choc / Strawberry)
4g Carbs
24g Protein

The protein blend includes WPI, WPC, and Casein. There are added gums (Xanthan & Guar), which help provide a thicker protein. Fit Crunch Protein is also flavored with sucralose. What stood out is 2g of fiber per scoop which you do not see in a lot of protein powders! Chef Irvine kept a very simple protein matrix in his formula.


Cost is around $35 a Container (1.5bs). This is on the very high end for protein powders. Another company that comes to mind at this price point would be Ghost. While this is hard to find (due to being exclusive from only one retailer) it is a hard buy to justify if you are on a budget. This is a protein purchase if you have extra money lying around to try a new brand that has one of the best protein bars on the market. After trying the protein powder in multiple flavors I would highly suggest half scooping or single scooping with another vanilla whey protein to help preserve the life of the tubs. It is good, but may be hard to justify for those who opt for cost-effective whey protein in the $20-25 range.