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    Default Brian Buchanan Amazing Genetics Videos

    I can't say enough about what I think about Brian Buchanan's overall potential. All the parts are there to be competing for the top spots of his era. Much like Matt Mendenhall I think Brian could have been much better with a team/coach. His front poses are good but the back posing could be better. He could have had a better back with the right coach. He had Incredible potential & probably just did things himself. His legs seem to have more mass pre IFBB but his condition was better in the IFBB. In the 2nd video you can tell he's sharper just from his face. I got the 1993 Ironman in HD a couple of weeks ago and watching Brian 10 years earlier it did remind me some of the 1993 Ironman Flex Wheeler; without the great presentation front to back. An amazing bodybuilder!
    Any views or Subs would be very much appreciated! THX KC!

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    A great British (at the time) athlete. London based for a bit.

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