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    Default Gyno on Test E + Tren E (PHOTOS: blood work done, please see, help)

    Hey guys, just finished 3rd week of Test E 500mg / week, Tren E 400mg / week. This is my 4th cycle, first time using Tren E (used Ace in the past and I never had any problems). Used Dbol the first week, just 10mg / day. Also 20mg / day of Nolvadex since the beginning.

    Now, at the end of week 2 nipples started to feel a bit itchy, I can feel a small lump under each of them (right one hurts a bit and I can feel the lump a bit under my nip too). Also started using Dostinex 0.5mg once every 3 days since the end of week 2. Forgot to say that. And I see prolactin is actually lower than the normal values.

    Please see the attachment for the blood work the ones that I highlited in RED are the normal value ranges, estrogen is sky high and progesterone is high too. I started taking Letrozole, 1.25mg yesterday, just took another 1.25mg today.

    If I lift my arms I can barely see anything ... lumps are VERY VERY small, problem is that the right one got a bit worse than 4-5 days ago, because I feel the lump now exactly under the margins on my nipple, even under the nipple if you know what I mean, which I didn't feel like 1 week ago.

    I dropped the tren 5 days ago. I did yesterday a 250mg Test E shot again.

    What I'm planning to do is completely stop the cycle right here, start the PCT after around 10 days after the last shot (which was yesterday), and use Letro and keep using Nolva. Then start the PCT with HCG, Nolvadex, Clomid.

    Is it ok what I've done with the Letro? I know I was supposed to take an AI since the beginning, but ... mistake was made. Please help me and if this ok, how long should I keep taking Letro, should I keep taking it on PCT? (I remember in 2014 when the same happened I took Arimidex 1mg eod, lumps didn't get bigger but didn't went away either, they completely faded in week 2 of PCT.

    Photos of how it looks too:

    Thanks guys!
    Best day ever!
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