A clear statement of the failure of the MLB Players Association to negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement that benefited their players financially. Mike Moustakas turned down a $17 mil qualifying offer this off season, only to turn around & resign w/ the Royals for $6.5 mil. So much for having the best agent in baseball (Scott Boras), who advised him to turn down the qualifying offer on the promise of a hundred million dollar multiyear contract. It never happened. One of the best pitchers in MLB, Jake Arrieta, remains unsigned. Part of the problem is the business model of the Houston Astros. Owners gutted the team three years ago & rebuilt the franchise quickly through draft picks & strategic additions to the lineup. This usually results in a delay of six or seven years before getting competitive again, but the Astros did it in three. Of course, they have a great managers & coaches, loyal fans, a good stadium, & excellent team chemistry. You can't just throw a lot of money at a team & hope for the best. The Yankees have that kind of money, but they haven't been World Series champs since 2009, & fired their field manager after last season. It seems like MLB is in a flux right now, like a lot of businesses. Old models aren't working anymore, & the new ones haven't come into focus. Meanwhile, the Astros remain the team to beat in the American League, & possibly in this year's Fall Classic.