C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks



Blue Raspberry Bombsicle This is my favorite of the two flavors. Blue Raspberry is a flagship flavor for C4 and this is just another great addition to their line in the energy drinks. The blue raspberry is dense and gives you a feel of eating cotton candy at a fair. There is a slight tart of raspberry in the aftertaste that is increased due to the carbonation. While Blue Raspberry is an overpopulated flavor on the market Cellucor always finds a way to pull it off correctly.

Twisted Limeade If you have ever had the cherry limeade flavors of Cellucor in the C4 series you know how good their limeade is. The limeade is pure, nothing artificial about it, and the carbonation helps enhance the overall flavor. What I really like about this is you get a small hint of lemonade similar to a Cherry Blade Lemonade Bang. While the carbonation is not as strong as Bang the flavor is extremely refreshing and nice to sip on. I really liked this flavor and there is the perfect amount of carbonation to not be too strong and give some people digestion issues (which I have seen with Bang).




The formula carries over vitamin B6 and B12 which is found in both Bang and Hyde Power Potion. There is also a performance energy blend of 6.7g that contains:
- Betaine (Performance)
- Cirtulilne (Pump, prevent lactic acid build up)
- Beta-Alanine (Performance/Endurance)
If you want to nitpick and look at the correct doses of each ingredient you would need 3.2g BA, 6-8g Citrulline Malate, and 3.2g Betaine (12-14g total) . In essence you are getting about a halved dose of each if you want to look at the scientific and studied dosages of those ingredients.


$24.99/Case of 12 which is around $2. Stop into any convenience store and most people pay that per energy drink. With a first time purchase I got a 20% off coupon for my next purchase of C4 Energy Drinks which makes them around $21 a case and under $1.80 a can. Very affordable and comparable to Hyde Power Potion and Bang in price when found on sale.


So here is the big one most people want to know. How does it stack up vs Bang and hyde Power potion.
Let us first understand what each one has and what differs.

Bang Stronger Carbonation, BCAA, Creatine, COQ10, B12, B6, Taurine, 300mg Caffeine
Hyde Less Carbonation, Sweeter Taste, 350mg Caffeine, LCLT (recovery), Citrulline (Pump), Teacrine & Choline (Nootropics)
Cellucor Energy Drink Moderate Carbonation, Very good and bold taste, Blend of Beta-Alanine (Endurance), Betaine (Performance), Citrulline (Pump/ Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up)

For those looking for the strongest energy and focus Hyde
If you favor straight flavor Bang
If you favor Performance and a good tasting product C4 Energy Drinks