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    Default Live with Dorian Yates Part 3 - My darkest hour!

    Dorian Yates, legendary 6 x Mr. Olympia, joins Dave Palumbo on RXMuscle's 'Live With' - the show where Dave interviews the top competitors, personalities, and news makers in the bodybuilding world.

    -- BUY Dorian Yate's NEW Book: READ the FIRST Review on Dorian Yates' Book, "From The Shadow" - written by Gary Chappell:

    -- In this 3rd installment of a multi-part series, Yates reveals his darkest moments around the time of his retirement, which included bouts with severe depression. Yates talks about life after his illustrious career and what brought him out of his prolonged funk.

    Plus, thoughts on Nasser El Sonbaty!

    It's Live With Dorian Yates, on

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