Hey dave so i go to see my urologist who points out that my psa level is at 5.1 which is a little high. He gave me bactrim to take for 2 weeks he said that he wont start me on trt until that number comes down to 4.0. I said not for nothing but 150 mgs of test a week is not gonna raise your psa nor cause abnormal growth or enlarge prostate!!! Is this guy nuts or what.. Dr's are so uneducated with respect to gear!! So i made an appointment with another urologist and started trt with him. With your medical back round do you concur with me that the dr got his facts wrong and is scared. Plus i told him with a test level average over past 6 months of mid 200's would be worse for prostate! Plus i work out and all that test is gonna go right to my androgen receptors in muscle cell tissue anyhow. My body has been starving literally speaking muscle tissue wise! Thanks for the advice and thoughts!